Meet Ignas Golubovskis, Software Engineer

Daan | 18 december 2023 - 3 min leestijd - Ndus3

Hello! My name is Ignas Golubovskis. I am 23 years old and I grew up in Lithuania. After finishing high school there, I decided to take a leap of faith and travel to the Netherlands, where I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from Radboud University. I have always been passionate about various fields, and AI combines subjects that I love, such as programming, math, and biology, into one. The leap of faith paid off and I am experiencing one of the most fulfilling times of my life: meeting so many new people, learning about different cultures and gaining the right set of skills for a role in Software Engineering. Currently, I live in Nijmegen.

During my studies I successfully completed a full-time 40-hour per week Data Science internship at Janssen Vaccines. I spent 5 months pioneering a database for vaccine formulation using AWS, engineering and processing old, unstructured data to meet database standards using Python and Pandas, aiding the department in data solutions and providing a couple of insightful presentations about data science and engineering.

What do you do in your free time – hobbies, holiday, sport, etc.

I am a big fan of basketball. Every week I watch my favorite team’s (BC Žalgiris) games. I also like to play basketball myself, having played semi-professionally in middle school and highschool. Additionally, I also play the piano, enjoy playing board games, chess, and video games.

What is your best quality?

I thrive on challenges and have a proven track record of adapting quickly to new environments and obstacles. I am an adept learner and can quickly grasp new concepts.

What is your biggest study or work life blunder/failure?

I don’t really have one yet. I once missed an exam because I forgot to register for it, but that’s about as bad as it gets.

What is your favourite tv-series or game?

TV series: Mr. Robot. On one hand, Mr. Robot rips off a lot of shows, but on the other hand, it does so very well and breathes new life into them.

As for games, my favorite ones are probably The Witcher 3, Outer Wilds, Europa Universalis IV and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I like history/strategy games, as well as cool RPGs with worlds to explore.

Why did you choose this job at Ndus3?

I love that Ndus3 emphasises development of their roster. I appreciate that Ndus3 cares about my growth and not only the numbers I produce. Plus, the atmosphere is incredibly nice and from the very first interviews I could tell that these people care for each other. Ndus3 is collaborating with companies from a huge variety of fields, and here I have an opportunity to challenge myself and work on various kinds of projects, in a plethora of work-fields. 

What do you want to achieve in your work in the coming year?

I want to contribute to amazing projects that can challenge me and draw out the best of me. Furthermore, I want to learn more programming languages, never stop developing my soft skills such as communication and networking, and greatly improve my Dutch.

What working-field would you like to explore or even end-up in?

I really enjoyed working in life sciences at Janssen Vaccines. However, Ndus3 is involved in so many working fields, that I am happy to broaden my horizon as a young professional, and test out the waters in other working-fields. As long as the work I do contributes to the well-being of society, I am more than happy to end up working there.

For what can we wake you up in the middle of the night?

I am always up for a game of chess, even at 4 am. Although I am not sure how well I would play right after waking up.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Eating chips. I generally avoid chips, because once I start, it is very hard to stop.

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