Hello Ersin Tanriverdi, Software Engineer

Daan | 09 april 2024 - 3 min leestijd - Ndus3

Hi everyone, my name is Ersin! I’m a 35-year-old mechatronics engineer living in Eindhoven with my wife Cansu and our energetic 21-month-old son, Can Leo. Our furry family member, Nala, a Golden Retriever, completes our lively household.

Back in 2010, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechatronics engineering from Sabanci University in Istanbul. After that, I spent several years in Turkey honing my skills as an automation expert at Vestel Elektronik A.S. There, I programmed robotic arms, PLCs, and even helped create semi-automated production lines for their high-end factories.

In 2017, my wife and I decided to embark on a new adventure and moved to the Netherlands. I started my Dutch career as a PLC engineer at Delta Electronics B.V. However, after a year, the thrill of software development called to me. I switched gears and started focusing on embedded software development, particularly enjoying the challenges and opportunities presented by C++ and Python. Before joining Ndus3, I spent three years at Enercon as a software developer, where I played a key role in developing software for wind turbines using a variety of tools and languages, including C++, CI/CD, unit testing, integration testing, Python scripting, Bash scripting, and shell scripting.

What do you do in your free time – hobbies, holiday, sport, etc.

In my spare times, apart from spending time with my family, I play video games, and play tennis

What is your best quality?

I’m always open to new challenges and quality-oriented.

What is you biggest study or worklife blunder/failure?

Mechatronics engineering or Computer Science? That was my bachelor’s dilemma. While I didn’t go pure CS, my engineering background surprisingly equipped me perfectly for software development, which I love.

What is your favorite tv-series or game?

tv-series: There are many; if I had to mention a few: Game of Thrones, The Office (US), The Witcher, Ted Lasso, Succession (lately).
Game: I’ve been playing Counter Strike and Dota for as long as I can remember. I casually play Rocket League. Last but not least, I’m currently enjoying Baldur’s Gate III (special thanks to Gabriel :)). In my opinion, it’s the best game out there.

Why did you choose this job at Ndus3?

I first learned about Ndus3 from my Ndustrian colleagues. Consulting has its advantages and disadvantages, one of the downsides I experienced was feeling isolated at the client companies. Seeing how happy the other Ndustrians are at Ndus3, and how the company seems to value its employees, made me consider a change. The idea of feeling like part of a professional family was the deciding factor for me.

What do you want to achieve in your work the coming year?

I’d like to improve myself in C++ and Python direction and become a Software Architect

What working-field would you like to explore or even end-up in?

With a strong interest in technology, I’m fascinated by the rapid evolution of electric vehicles (EVs). I’d love to contribute to this exciting field by working in the automotive industry, particularly on EV development projects.

For what can we wake you up in the middel of the night?

Even my son’s cries can’t wake me up! Good luck with that. ­čśü

What are your guilty pleasures?

Playing video games for hours

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