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vaso | 16 november 2021 - 2 min leestijd - Ndus3

Who am I?

Hey, I am Vasiliki or if it’s easier you can call me Vaso. I am the newest member of the Ndus3 family and I am very happy about that!?

I am from Greece so Dutch is not yet my best skill. My favorite Dutch phrase is “Nederlands is moeilijk”. But let me tell you some things about me: I’m 27 years old and at this point I’m living in the Netherlands for a bit more than a year. This is not the first time for me leaving Greece, as I was studying in Prague and after finishing my bachelor I did an internship in Portugal. So, I can definitely say that I like traveling, new experiences, and meeting new people. 

The reason I came to the Netherlands was my master’s degree ??‍?. As I was studying at Utrecht University in International Business & Management I became really interested in people and how they can be happy in organisations and working environments. As you would expect from a recruiter! 

So, when I met the founders of Ndus3 and they started telling me about the company and how important it is for them to keep their engineers happy by continuous education and continuous development. I knew, this is the spot for me. 

In action in our office in Hoofddorp!

Additionally this is not the first time working with engineers, as I was a part of a start-up company in Wageningen where I met a lot of amazing, clever, and highly educated people, most of them engineers. Now I’m looking forward to meeting many embedded engineers and C++engineers as a talentmanager for our engineers at Ndus3.

What am I doing in my free time?

In my spare time, I like meeting my friends and exploring new places in the Netherlands. Unfortunately the covid period didn’t help a lot with that. Naturally I’m trying to master Dutch, not an easy thing! My family and my friends are still in Greece, so I try to visit them as much as I can. As you know, a trip to Greece is always a good idea. ?

Breaking news ?: have just become an auntie to a beautiful baby boy so I have an extra reason to travel! I also like sports. I have been swimming since I was 4 years old ?‍♀️ but when I grew up I started kickboxing ?, definitely a sport that helps you get rid of a hard day at the office.

So this is me in a nutshell. I hope I can speak with many of you engineers out there. Please don’t be shy and contact me to learn more about your possibilities with team Ndus3. Please take it easy with Dutch, niet zo snel! ?

Vasiliki Marami

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