Welcome Chris Polykarpou, DevOps Engineer

Daan | 11 december 2023 - 3 min leestijd - Ndus3

Hello! I’m Chris, a tech enthusiast from Cyprus. I hold a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Thessaly. In my professional journey, I spent a year as a DevOps Engineer at TeamViewer, where I played a pivotal role in enhancing the core infrastructure of TeamViewer Engage.

During my tenure, I took on the challenge of centralizing the monitoring system to a single Grafana instance and implementing logging and alerts. This initiative streamlined processes, enabling teams to access metrics and logs through a unified domain, saving valuable time and resources.

Motivated by a desire to make a positive impact, I embarked on a personal project. Recognizing the need for better information on mobile and broadband plans in Cyprus, I built an application from scratch. The application is comparing all available deals and it is currently live running on Kubernetes (link: dealer.com.cy).

Following this enriching experience, my journey took me to the Netherlands. Eager for new challenges and opportunities, my girlfriend and I made the exciting decision to relocate. Now, at Ndus3, I am ready to contribute my skills, expertise, and dedication to furthering the organization’s goals and making a positive impact within the industry.

Free time activities

In my free time, I still enjoy coding. I’m also into powerlifting and during the summer I like windsurfing.

Best quality

I would say my best quality is my passion for software engineering in general. I am deeply interested in understanding how things work and leveraging that curiosity to continuously enhance my skills and contribute effectively to projects.

Biggest blunder/failure

Three years ago, when I started DealerCy, insufficient infrastructure knowledge led to costly mistakes. Poor decisions at both the infrastructure and application levels resulted in unnecessary expenses. This year, I had to invest time and resources to rectify these errors. With proper expertise from the beginning, I could have saved both money and time. Lesson learned: comprehensive knowledge is crucial.

Favourite TV series or game

I’m a fan of Breaking Bad, and while I’m not currently gaming, I’m eagerly awaiting the release of GTA6.

Why Ndus3?

Picking Ndus3 was a clear win for me. Their diverse client base and tech stacks offer a playground for learning. What seals the deal is the vibe – they genuinely care about your self-development. The collaborative culture ensures you’re not just solving problems but doing it while growing your skills. It’s the kind of place where your career’s got room to breathe and stretch.

Work goals in the coming year

In the coming year at Ndus3, I aim to contribute to projects, enhance my skills in system design, and collaborate with talented DevOps/SRE engineers to understand even further how high availability and reliable services/systems are built.

Working field to explore

With a background in Computer Engineering and DevOps, I’m keen on exploring emerging technologies and furthering my knowledge in system design and architecture.

Wake you up in the middle of the night

I am dedicated to maintaining services and wouldn’t mind being woken up if there’s a critical issue that needs immediate attention. For anything else, please don’t!

Guilty pleasures

In my leisure time, I enjoy watching Netflix, with recent favorites being Peaky Blinders and Band of Brothers.

Anything to add

Additionally, I’d be interested in exploring the possibility of organizing a hackathon to bring the team together, share ideas, and tackle exciting challenges collectively. This could be a great opportunity for knowledge exchange and team building.

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